Thursday, June 28, 2012

As Above, So Below...

I notice a lot of the people making comments and voicing their disdain for the so-called "conscious community" and as an observer I noticed quite a few things. Hopefully those to whom this message is meant will receive it so they can see and from there do what they must.
This is an amended message that some of you may have seen already because of our individual correspondences. I decided to collect those thoughts and post them here.

About 4 years ago I had a client who was in college and she was reading a book. I never miss an opportunity to learn, so I asked her what it was about and I eventually read the first chapter. She was considering joining a sorority and (admirably) decided to research the history of Black frats and soros in the US. In there were all of them by name (Boule chapters too), including the years they were founded. Each time I saw a year I said "1911, check...1919, check..." and she asked me why. I said it was very peculiar how ALL of the major frats and soros started roughly within the same 15-20 year period (also other organizations like the Moorish Science Temple Of America in 1913) with a few stragglers after that period (Nation Of Islam in 1930, which I believe is an offshoot of the MSTA). 

After researching other organizations (like the NAACP, founded in 1909, for example) I formed a theory as to why THAT period of time was so special. This theory was confirmed by a piece Henry Makow did on his site where he said that the Boule was formed to steer the upwardly-mobile, affluent and professional Blacks away from Marcus Garvey's UNIA (and by extension any organization like it). 

From there I expanded my research and realized the same method when looking at entities like the Black church (and ALL forms of religion geared to ensnare the people, from the various false versions of the Hebrew Israelites to the Mormons to the Jehovah's Witnesses to Scientology), the US military, the music industry, assorted sports, colleges (attracting both the academically-inclined and the athletes to a life that is filled with literally nothing but their sport of choice) and so on.

And on.

My ultimate conclusion as it relates to the so-called conscious community is this: after the blatant talent raids, where the best and brightest leave their communities and go off to corporations, hospitals, mega-churches, law firms, the NFL, the NBA, the military, or gain corporate sponsorship ("record deals"), thus making these entities even more powerful...the majority of the conscious community is comprised of whoever and whatever is LEFT.

(Think Danny Devito in 'Twins' with Arnold Schwarzenegger).

This is why they are so angry. 

The evidence is all right there in front of us. How many of them are proactive in their own lives and not just REACTIVE? How many can say they positively affected the lives of others? How many are CREATIVE? How many can prove that they can work with others within the community to produce something of worth? 

From what I see, there are a lot of talkers, a lot of REactive people (which is borne of a DEPENDENT mental state, by the way), a lot of bitterness and thinly-veiled jealousy. I do not see proactive people, creative people and definitely NOT productive people. Not in the majority, anyway. And it is from this group we expect to find minds like ours who are serious about learning and growth and spirituality?? While those who are ALSO deserving of our attention for such things are in an operating room, running their own businesses and spending 8 hours a day practicing to play football. 

I wish I could express how many open minds I have encountered who are NOT RBG, NOI or angry reactionaries and are NOT into "black consciousness" but are hungry for knowledge just the same. It is THEY I seek to interact with, learn from and share with. Artists and thinkers and people who are inspired and have the talents to inspire others and are willing to do so. 

In short, this is why I do what I do. In fact I and my brother and MANY others were sent here for that purpose.

The reality is that the "conscious mind" is the lowest form of consciousness. This is why the majority of those who claim to be about the ideals like Unity, Family and the Restoration of the Divine Feminine easily fall prey for sensational nonsense. The very "masses" they often refer to is exactly who they are! No discipline, vision or drive, just reaction to stimuli. They know the buzzwords like "kundalini," call each other kings/queens, gods/goddesses and can quote "master teachers," but their actions show the opposite. Their capricious, loyalty-lacking attitudes and default combative demeanor proves they are little more than a manifestation of the reptile brain.

Don't take this as if I am telling people what they should do with their attention, since there is a time and place for everything. We do, however often wonder when is it time to get serious about the development of our minds and hearts as well as those of others around us instead of just sitting around getting mad at Erykah Badu, Tyler Perry and whatever else makes its way to our awareness by way of the current trending cycle.

As opposed to bringing up everything that pisses them off today, thus PROMOTING WHAT THEY HATE, a true proactive spirit is interested in creating and supporting what counters or eliminates the negativity.

Rather than waste the energies of their EGO hating others (which is in actuality self-hate-by-proxy), a real creative soul is interested in using every opportunity to inspire others the way they are and radiating from the Heart the same energies that drive them to be who they are.  

We should all strive to be on that positive frequency.

My brother Ankheru likens the 'conscious community' to a small town with a corrupt government whose mentality sets the tone for all those in it. While I don't disagree with him at all in that regard, it occurred to me to see it like the mail room of a large corporation. You can start there and go wherever you want with the right time and experience, acquiring all the knowledge you can and grow exponentially. If however you allow yourself to be sidetracked and let your heart weigh heavier than the feather, you can waste 20+ years on 125th Street in Harlem in front of a store you don't own arguing with certified, pre-owned Negroes over nothing.

For those of you on the true path, we see these negative attributes of the populace as indicative of the AUTOMATON that Bobby Hemmitt mentioned more than a few times and expressed in detail in 'The Opening Of The Way' by Isha Schwaller de Lubicz. In it we see that intellect is not a factor, for the mind is part of the body. This is why people can observe their environments, react to them and use every bit of intellect to describe the 'problems,' but do nothing about their situation or offer any real solutions, which is the best way to identify them. This is why the Automaton is also called the Intelligent Animal.


Like any other movement, ideology or religion, the concept of Black Consciousness is one that is being eroded by those not on the correct frequencies to use that consciousness to effect any positive changes in their lives or others. This does not have to be the case for the individual. Know all the options. The decision of what to do with your life is ultimately up to you. Remember: Energy flows to where your attention goes...

Sunday, October 16, 2011


(((((Listen to the show in full here...)))))

Some of the main 'take-aways' from the show I did with TraCGMore:

1.  Knowledge Trending - Controlling the direction of attention of the so-called conscious community.
If everyone is doing, focusing on and talking about the same thing, it means that everyone is thinking the same. When everyone is thinking the same, no one is thinking. This now leaves people open to being directed away from things that may deserve their attention. Being on facebook will show examples of Knowledge Trending, from the reaction to "planking" to the death of Steve Jobs. Numerous people focused so much of their time and attention (therefore their ENERGY) which would have been better spent doing other things.

2. Matriarchal vs Patriarchal Thought - Are these terms even appropriate?
We often forget that the answer to one extreme is never the other. In fact the solution to any problem lies in finding balance with two diametrically opposed views, thoughts or ideas. On top of that, we have word substitution. In this case, "Patriarchy" actually means 'ruled by lower-level thought' and "Matriarchy" would be of the higher vibration, which includes restoring the feminine principle into balance with the masculine. 

3. Definitive Analysis of the EGO
We still think (many of us, anyway) that we can or ever will "destroy" the EGO. As a matter of fact, I believed this as well (see my 'Just TEN' video), so don't think I say this to look down on those who believe it. It doesn't change the fact that it is a false belief. It exists as long as we are here in this plane of existence. Better to learn to lead it than to continue to let it lead you.

4. False Agreement: "English is the white man's language."
English in fact is not even a language. It is a dialect, specifically a variant or offshoot of GERMAN. Most of the words we use in English (60%) come from or through German, whether modern or earlier Germanic. The rest are mostly derived from Sanskrit, Greek, Latin and Afrikan languages directly. That said, there is NO SUCH THING as an English LANGUAGE.

Furthermore, there is no such thing as "GREEK"! 

You cannot quote DeVolny as saying that we are the ones who originated the use of speech and then claim it or anything in it belongs to or originates  from the caucasian. The best reconciliation I can think of is that these dialects and modes of communication are slowed-down versions of LANGUAGE, which is AFRIKAN in origin.
We must be mindful of the agreements we make, especially the silent ones.

5. One topic which I did not cover (and may be discussed in a future video focus) was that of the absence of personal spiritual experiences. Still not sure if I want to go into that, but if it's not within the next 3 videos I produce, I'll simply lay it out here.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I have numerous notes that did not make it into my videos. Some will be posted here.